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  • Colorado will join a group of other states to challenge President Donald Trump's declaration of an emergency in order to redirect money toward his border wall along the U.S./Mexican boundary.

    In a news release, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and Governor Jared Polis issued a statement:

    Colorado will join at least 12 other states in a multistate lawsuit challenging President Trump’s unconstitutional emergency declaration to build a border wall.…
  • At the April 2 city election in Colorado Springs, voters will elect a third of the nine-member City Council and a mayor. They'll also decide whether to allow firefighters to collectively bargain with the city administration.

    From the campaign trail:

    Colorado Springs Forward, a group of local business and local leaders who want to influence public policy, is urging voters to oppose Issue 1, the firefighter measure.…

  • Two major updates have come out of the Colorado Legislature this week, with potential impact to the state's LGBTQ community. Both the bill to ban conversion therapy and the bill to ease the path toward changing gender on birth certificates have been cycling through the Legislature for years with little progress in Republican-controlled committees.…

  • On Feb. 14, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a conference in the city of Fountain to announce plans to address toxic chemicals that have been found in the area’s drinking water, and in the water of communities across the nation.

    The chemicals at issue: PFASs, man-made contaminants found to have originated primarily, in the Fountain area, from firefighting foam used by the Air Force Academy for training purposes.

    The EPA’s plan outlines steps to develop new analytical tools for four key areas: human health and ecological effects, significant sources of these chemicals, cost and effectiveness of treatment methods, and how best to support stakeholders.…

  • It's a widespread problem: The majority of medical providers lack the proper equipment and training to give patients who use wheelchairs a complete check-up.

    The Independence Center sought to change that this fall by using $75,000 from its board-run IC fund to buy accessible medical equipment for providers serving Medicaid and Medicare recipients in Southern Colorado.

    Available items included the UpScale accessible exam table, which has an adjustable height and built-in scale; Hoyer-type lifts, devices used to transfer patients from wheelchair to table; and the portable loop system, a listening device that feeds audio directly into hearing aids.

    Back in June, we reported that the Independence Center planned to donate accessible tables and lifts to at least seven medical clinics in El Paso County, and use the remaining money for loop systems.

    The nonprofit ended up donating tables and lifts to nine medical practices, and gave portable hearing loop systems to three, CEO Patricia Yeager announced at a luncheon Feb. 8 celebrating the donations.

    The providers who received the equipment were selected from a list of 23 nominees, Yeager says. Patients submitted the nominations to the Independence Center.
    Late yesterday, we heard from Tom Strand and share his comments:
    I have checked and met with three staff attorneys of the City Law Office.…

  • At 31, Dashir Moore left his family and friends behind in Atlanta for a new life in Colorado Springs. His dream?…

  • The U.S. Senate has passed a massive public lands package that includes legislation to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

    The package, Senate Bill 47 — which encompasses more than 100 bills addressing land exchanges, national parks, wildlife conservation, recreation and more nationwide — soared through on a vote of 92 to 8. It now goes to the House for consideration.

    Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner issued a statement championing the legislation's passage.…
  • A speaker at the Air Force Academy's Character and Leadership Development Symposium on Feb. 21-22 has drawn the attention of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

    Rodney Bullard, vice president of Chick-fil-A's vice president of corporate social responsibility, is an Academy grad, but the MRFF says Chick-fil-A has a record of funding anti-LGBT groups.

    Chick-fil-A has been working on changing its image, as we report in the Feb. 13 issue.

    In a letter to Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, MRFF demands the school withdraw its invitation to Bullard and calls the decision to invite Bullard "another wretched example, in a long line of such despicable instances, of fundamentalist Christian-based homophobic oppression by USAFA."

    The MRFF likened the invitation to asking "Harvey Weinstein to speak at a USAFA forum on women’s civil rights." Weinstein is a Hollywood producer facing charges of sexual assault.

    MRFF also notes the Academy has invited other speakers in the past which MRFF deemed inappropriate, thus leading MRFF to accuse the school of "pushing a sectarian, fundamentalist Christian, religious extremist agenda."

    MRFF represents 12 LGBT clients among the Academy's cadet wing, staff and faculty, the letter says.

    We asked the Academy to respond to MRFF's protest of Bullard's appearance but didn't hear back before the Independent's press time.…
  • The family of Deramus DeWayne Lemuel, who died Aug. 1, 2018, after being restrained in the El Paso County jail, has submitted a notice of claim, a step before filing a lawsuit, against the county, state corrections officials, UCHealth Memorial Hospital and others.…
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