Seasonal School Supply Kit Fulfillment Team

Job Posted 4/22/2022
EduKit Inc
8605 Explorer Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
United States
Category Warehouse
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$12.56 to $16.00 Per Hour
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Looking for the perfect summer job?

· Entry level through leadership positions

· Full and part time positions

· Flexible morning, afternoon, and evening shifts (5 and 8 hour shifts available)

· May – September timeframe

· Fast-paced and fun environment

· Modern, climate-controlled warehouse

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Positions available in the following areas. Duties may vary.

o Warehouse Coordinator

§ Serves as the primary support point for the warehouse team assuring proper flow of incoming shipments and outgoing finished goods

o Fulfillment Coordinator

§ Serves as the primary support point for the fulfillment team assuring productivity, quality, and safety standards are achieved

o Line Leads

§ Coordinate team of assembly workers to achieve daily productivity and quality standards.

o Business Support

§ Performs various administrative tasks including web page set up, estimating, forecasting, auditing, invoicing

o Document Control

§ Compile all necessary instructions and documentation needed by the fulfillment team to assemble kits

o Receiving

§ Process inbound product shipments including counting, labeling and logging data

o Inventory Control

§ Maintain and track inventory throughout the various processes

o Material Handling

§ Stock received goods in an accurate and timely manner

o Picking

§ Pull schools supplies and other items from a variety of locations in the quantities needed

o Assembly

§ Works as part of a team responsible for packing schools supplies and other items into individual kits.

o Expediting

§ Facilitate the flow of kits from box set up to kit palletization

o Quality Control

§ Check and report accuracy of inventory items and quantities in bins or kits and escalate issues

o Order Processing

§ Compile customer orders and label for shipping to student’s home

o Order Auditing

§ Assure school orders are comprised of the correct quantities of kits, bulk items, labeling etc. so that they are prepared for shipping

o Shipping

§ Prepare and print documents and shipping labels for freight, package and courier shipments

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8605 Explorer Dr.
Colorado Springs CO 80920
United States
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