Property Manager

Colorado Springs, CO
United States

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Job Posting Date:
January 7, 2021
+1 719-520-1234


Oversee and direct operations of property to meet the reporting, operations, budget and contractual obligations of the management agreement. Understand and implement all operations within the guidelines of Griffis/Blessing.


To oversee and direct all aspects of the property operations and staffing while reporting to and acting under the direction of the Regional Manager, Regional Vice President and/or Vice President.


The Property Manager is the immediate and direct supervisor of all other on-site staff.


Operate the property to meet the budget, maintain or improve the physical condition of the property and supervise the training, and scheduling of all on-site staff to meet the demands at the property. This will include overseeing the direction of preventative maintenance, repair schedules, collection and banking of rents and other income, leasing of available units, pre-leasing units on the notice to vacate list, purchasing supplies and equipment staying within the specified budget; implementing and expanding a resident relations/retention program. Includes making recommendations regarding rent rates, marketing and advertising, based on thorough research, to the Regional Manager, Regional Vice President and/or Vice President; completing a competitive three bid process on expiring contracts and repairs that warrant bidding. Ensure a clean, orderly, safe, and well-maintained community at all times. Train office staff for superior performance and promotion. Promote superior customer service through all contacts with residents, vendors and corporate and training staff to do the same.

ORDINARY DUTIES: (include but are not limited to)

  1. Must be able to make independent judgment and discretion to operate the property using sound fiscal decisions.
  2. Effectively supervise staff, delegating work demands to the appropriate staff members.
  3. Maintaining budgeted occupancy, continuously improving rents and collections while controlling expenses.
  4. Maintaining sound collections, posting, and depositing, on a scheduled basis, all rents, security deposits, and other income of the property. (No cash is accepted over $20 for balance due.)
  5. Processing evictions according to policy.
  6. Familiarizing self and applicable staff on computer program; taking appropriate classes to improve skills.
  7. Showing and leasing of available/future units as needed; supervision of staff to ensure they have a high closing ratio.
  8. Approving all applicants based on Griffis/Blessing criteria.
  9. Complete education requirements for current position; take additional in-service classes both through GB University, EasyLMS, local Apartment Associations, etc. to improve management, and leadership skill sets.
  10. Maintain scheduling and following up on all service requests and items noted on zone walks.
  11. Overseeing the ordering/purchasing supplies and contracting for work necessary for the daily operation of the property.
  12. Maintain expenses within the specific property budget and seek approval from supervisor on any items not within budget.
  13. Timely submittal weekly of invoices every Wednesday.
  14. Overseeing the scheduling of apartment turnovers to ensure completion in a timely fashion.
  15. Monitoring preventative maintenance schedules and other maintenance work required.
  16. Inspecting apartments at move-in and move-out or monitoring staff to which it is assigned.
  17. Reviewing all lease documents for the property to ensure that they are properly filled out, executed and filed.
  18. Interviewing prospective employees and making recommendations to the Regional Manager, Regional Vice President and/or Vice President regarding their employment.
  19. Conducting and documenting employee performance reviews at 30, 60 and 90 days after hire and annually thereafter. Conduct counseling reviews as needed, to improve performance ensuring confidentiality in handling these issues.
  20. Maintaining/update resident records and demographics in order to provide accurate files and a resident profile for the marketing/advertising efforts.
  21. Ensure daily tracking of ALL rental traffic sources.
  22. Staffing office daily to maintain service standards. This may require shuffling of staff schedules to ensure proper coverage.
  23. Researching competition regularly to ensure that rental rates/specials/security deposits, etc., are in line with the market or assign to an office staff person to do so.
  24. Implementing and maintaining a resident relations/retention program according to budget.
  25. Work with residents, employees and vendors to maintain harmony within the community; this will include conflict resolution of residents’ issues, employee issues and vendor issues.
  26. Work with the SVP of Construction Services on large capital projects. On smaller projects (less than $5,000) solicit at least three bids for expiring contracts and for special projects when work required is at or exceeds $1,000. Review with Regional Manager, Regional Vice President and/or Vice President.
  27. The Property Manager does not have the authority to sign any contracts. Manager will make recommendations regarding contracts or proposals submitted for such special projects described above to the Regional Manager, Regional Vice President, and/or Vice President.
  28. Providing all reports, monthly narratives and information requested by the corporate office/Owner in a timely manner.
  29. Determining at ALL TIMES that the property offices, models and vacant units are in a clean, orderly, well-maintained condition. Immediate pick up of any type of litter from any exterior or common area to maintain sharp appearance.
  30. Acting as the first line of communication between staff/residents and the corporate office.
  31. Gather data and create the annual budget.
  32. Timely and accurate reporting of time cards, commissions or bonus programs and safety training.
  33. Ensure use of Compliance Depot vendors as much as possible; there will be times when an emergency arises where we go outside (with RM/RVP/VP/SVP permission) for a non-Compliance Depot vendor.
  34. Ensure the tracking of personal property to include new purchases, retirement of inventory, model furniture, etc. in the Asset Log under OneSite.
  35. Direct staff to maintain inventory logs, inspection logs, preventative maintenance logs and MSDS books.
  36. Cross train Assistant Manager in all phases of management to ensure a continuous group of promotable staff members for new business.
  37. Ensure all move out paperwork is processed in a timely manner with accuracy and neatness and submitted to corporate within 14-30 days or less if required by law. Backup documentation is required to be on file if full deposit is not returned.
  38. Perform any duties assigned by the Regional Manager, Regional Vice President, Vice President or Senior Vice President whether or not they are included in this job description.
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