Inside Sales Agent (Part-Time, at least 8 hours weekly)

Job Posted 12/7/2022
The Nebula Group | Metro Real Estate Group
106 N Tejon St,
Colorado Springs, CO CO 80903
United States
Real Estate / Property Mgt
Job Start Date
Job End Date
$750.00 Per Month
Job Description
Cold calling, setting up appointments, following-up leads and clients for real estate agents in the team
Earn at the comfort of your home!

What we do is we help people buy and sell properties here in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. We get clients (people who have signed agreements with us to buy/sell real estate) via marketing, door-knocking and cold calling. As we are tied up conducting appointments and handling our current clients, it's important that we have a consistent stream of new business coming in every month so that way we can stay in the business.
This is where you come in. By making calls and booking appointments, you give the real estate agents opportunities for us to get in front of prospects (people who could buy/sell real estate, but don't have a signed agreement with us or any other realtor) and have them become clients. We are looking for pre-qualified appointments that are kept. Pre-qualified means that they have expressed an interest in buying/selling real estate in the next 12 months and are interested in meeting with us to potentially broker the deal AND they actually follow through with meeting us.
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